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To provide active membership for regulated remittance companies in Jamaica aimed at ensuring the industry remains relevant and vibrant whilst delivering on the expectations of our consumers locally and internationally.


The JMRA is committed to assisting, promoting and improving the remittance marketplace in Jamaica.

Our Association promises:

  • To promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting the money remittance business and related services in Jamaica and abroad and generally.
  • To watch over, protect, speak and act upon, all matters relating to money remittance.
  • To collect and disseminate statistical, technical, economic and other information relating to money remittance business and all its aspects, aimed at advancing the knowledge of the industry that may impact decision-making at levels in the Industry, Government or legislation.
  • To promote, support or oppose legislative or other measures affecting the Association’s objectives.
  • To assist, influence, develop, improve and uplift the codes, standards, conduct and calibre of the remittance industry.
  • To effectively communicate to the industry and its consumers by developing and disseminating information via any newspaper, periodical, book, or leaflet.
  • To remain relevant in the remittance industry by ensuring the interest of Jamaica and the association is served which impacts nation building and its development, remaining in the forefront of our national agenda.
  • To protect the reputation of the industry and the Association by assisting, influencing, developing and improving the codes, standards, conduct and calibre of the money remittance industry and its business generally.
  • To improve, develop, seek advice and advise on, security in relation to persons involved with the provision of money remittance services and the money remittance business and industry generally.
  • To improve and promote good relations among the members of the Association and between the Association and the public and to undertake, assist and improve public relations generally.
  • To collectively represent the voice of our consumers in the industry to our regulator, government agencies, law enforcement; as the Association strives to ensure their needs are protected and met.

Our Values

In establishing our association, we value:

  1. Integrity in the services provided to our customers
  2. Fair Play amongst members and fairness in our dealings
  3. Compliance and cooperation with our Regulators and Government agencies
  4. The remittance communities we serve; both local and international

Our promises to persons remitting monies:
A. To provide an industry that is continuously innovating, investigating, and implementing service channels that allows Money Remitters ease of access, speed, reliability, safety and convenience.

B. Participation in our communities. As our consumers span communities worldwide, we value giving back to the communities we serve and the Association will endeavor to assist where possible.

C. Ensure members are operating in accordance with BOJ Operating Guidelines aimed at providing the highest quality of service to our consumers.

D. To improve, develop, seek advice, and advise on all issues concerning persons involved with the provision of money remittance services and the money remittance business and industry generally.

Responsibilities of Members

A. All members of the Association acknowledge the right and authority of the Association to speak and act on their behalf or on behalf of members on all matters within the objectives of the Association affecting the remittance business in Jamaica. Provided that any Associate Member after making and continuing to make all reasonable efforts through its representatives to achieve a common viewpoint but success may express its own point of view on any such matter.

B. The Association may from time to time admit to Honorary Membership of the Association individuals who are distinguished in Banking, Industry, or Commerce, Agriculture or in their respective professions or have rendered outstanding public service to Jamaica. Honorary Members shall not be required to sign any application form or any fee or subscription or to be under any liability in the event that the Association is wound up. They shall have the right to attend Meetings of the Association but shall have no vote. Annual renewals of the membership of an Honorary Member shall be automatic unless terminated at any time by the Executive Council by notice in writing to the honorary Member.

C. The business of the Association shall be managed by a Board which shall exercise all the powers of the Association in so far as they are not required by the Memorandum or these Articles or the Act to be exercised by the Association otherwise.

D. Each member of the Association shall be entitled to appoint one person as its representative on the Executive Council such person holding the position of the General Manager or the Chief Executive Officer or similar position in Jamaica of such Member.

E. The Association shall elect annually from amongst its Members; a President, a first Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and an Assistant Secretary; each of whom shall hold office until the next succeeding Annual General Meeting provided that such officer shall cease to hold office if he ceases to be the appointed representative of a Member in which event the office so held shall be declared vacant and new elections held to fill the vacant position.

F. The President of the Association for the time being shall also be the Chairman of the Executive Council.

G. The Secretary when appointed by the Executive Council shall be Secretary to the Executive Council and to the Association but will have no vote.