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Our Commitment & Values

Jamaica Money Remitters Association Our Commitment & Values

Our Commitment & Values

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Our Commitment
Through the collaboration amongst our members and all stakeholders within the remittance industry, the JMRA is committed to assisting, promoting and improving the remittance marketplace in Jamaica.

We promise:

  • To promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting the money remittance business and related services in Jamaica and abroad and generally.
  • To watch over, protect, speak and act upon, all matters relating to money remittance.
  • To collect and disseminate statistical, technical, economic and other information relating to money remittance business and all its aspects, aimed at advancing the knowledge of the industry that may impact decision-making at levels in the Industry, Government or legislation.

The JMRA values

  • The integrity in the services provided to our members and their customers.
  • Fair Play amongst members and fairness in our dealings.
  • Compliance and cooperation with our Regulators and Government agencies.
  • The remittance communities we serve; both local and international.

The remittance customer is the core of the remittance industry and the JMRA continuously works towards providing an industry that is continuously innovating, investigating, and implementing service channels that allows Money Remitters ease of access, speed, reliability, safety and convenience.

By working with our member companies, the JMRA ensures all are operating in accordance with BOJ Operating Guidelines aimed at providing the highest quality of service to our consumers.